KuniFrank Studio Opening

After a lot of work, stress and almost tears we managed to get done in time, on Wednesday evening we opened up the doors to KuniFrank studio/gallery and the evening became magical.

Our evening would never been successful without our entire team that helped and supported us

Delaire Graff Estate who brought us cases of their good wines

Scheckter’s Raw who came and served their wonderful and healthy food, juices and desserts

Clearworld SA that gave us hydration from S.pellegrino and Acqua Panna

My Pretty Vintage that took our space to a completely different level with their decor.

Calais Wine Estate that came and gave us boxes of red wine when more people than expected arrived.

People behind the scenes:
My Alex, who did wonders in the studio by building tables, makeup mirror, shelves etc etc and stood on the ladder for two days to hang all our paintings on chains from the ceiling.

Ryan, who also helped us to build and hang our massive pieces

Massi, who came directly to the studio from a long flight to install his own designed furniture, Vernaleone furnitures, that transformed the empty the entrance to something completely different.

 Jamie, who assisted us all day and documented throughout the evening.

Without all of you guys, our opening had not come close to what it became!

So from the bottom of our hearts, me and Ana Kuni want to thank you!


Will do a seperate post with all our art pieces 🙂 <3

Exhibition night

So last week happened and me and Ana are so happy about our exhibition night. We want to thank all of you who came and supported, you really made our evening special!

Extra thanks to:

Isaac Maine for playing awesome tunes all night

Wilderer for the tasty refreshments

Orms School of photography for the space and help

4elements media for all the press

And to Yvonne Frank Månsson, Isabell Månsson and Nerushka Naidoo for helping us out during the evening

Lots of love to all of you!

Next in line, Sweden – Konstrundan!

Season 2

Ok, so we are so close to KuniFrank Season 2 exhibition!!! On Thursday we’ll open up the doors at Orms Photography school, 62 Roeland Street!


Today we’ve been at Orms printing room all day to be a part of our printing process because this year we’re testing something new 😛


#KuniFrank exhibition 16th of March @ana_kuni

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“It feels good to be lost in the right direction”

So there´s a lot going on right now, we just got back from Zanzibar after creating some amazing content (that I can’t show you just yet) and now we just booked our next adventure for the 15th of November, this time for Kruger to this awesome lodge and we cannot wait to go and create more stuff!



courtyard pool-view

We´re also planning our next exhibition for December, will tell you more about that soon!


www.nayiha.com (launching soon)