“It feels good to be lost in the right direction”

So there´s a lot going on right now, we just got back from Zanzibar after creating some amazing content (that I can’t show you just yet) and now we just booked our next adventure for the 15th of November, this time for Kruger to this awesome lodge and we cannot wait to go and create more stuff!



courtyard pool-view

We´re also planning our next exhibition for December, will tell you more about that soon!


www.nayiha.com (launching soon)

Pemba part 2

“Get lost in the moment”



First of all I want to thank Planet Xancara for taking us to their beautiful island retreat, it was an extraordinary experience!

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To see and explore this beautiful island in daylight – amazing!

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Mr Owl on adventures


Thanks to Vichy for being with us in the sun!

ana-kuni-2 ana-kuni p1010746


All photos taken with Lumix G

From Jambiani to Pemba

“And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul.”


The adventure continued and we had our last morning in Jambiani



It was time for us to go to Pemba! And this tiny flight had the most beautiful view!

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After arriving to Pemba – roadtrip to the boat through palm trees, villages and football fields

p1010414 p1010430 p1010451 p1010472 p1010482 p1010485 p1010494 p1010496 p1010501


On the boat to Shamiani we got to witness the most beautiful sunset!

p1010525 p1010529 p1010536 p1010541

Jambiani part 1

I’ve got a crush on the world! 



So we talked about it, we decided and we went! Day one in Jambiani/Zanzibar, in photos.

(A tip for Zanzibar, bring dollars)

My bed at Jambiani White Sands bungalows, absolutely stunning!

The view aint that bad either from my room 😉

After checkin we went straight to Upendo for drinks and took loads of photos infront of “The Rock”

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