Viva La Diva

New released work for Viva La Diva´s new Glow Mud palette where I did the makeup, shoot and artwork.

Model: Ana Kuni

This Golden Queen was born through colors from the earth and structures from the ocean. The inspiration for this artwork came from mother nature in Zanzibar, Tanzania.
I sat under a Baobab tree on a small island outside Zanzibar and on a white beach and created art layers from what I found in the nature and combined them with makeup from Viva La Diva

Can’t wait to see this in the stores when I go to Sweden! 😀

Pemba part 2

“Get lost in the moment”


First of all I want to thank Planet Xancara for taking us to their beautiful island retreat, it was an extraordinary experience!

xancara-linnea-frank xancara-linnea-frank-9 xancara-linnea-frank-8 xancara-linnea-frank-7 xancara-linnea-frank-6 xancara-linnea-frank-5 xancara-linnea-frank-4 xancara-linnea-frank-2 xancara-linnea-frank-3


To see and explore this beautiful island in daylight – amazing!

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Mr Owl on adventures


Thanks to Vichy for being with us in the sun!

ana-kuni-2 ana-kuni p1010746


All photos taken with Lumix G

Jambiani part 1

I’ve got a crush on the world!


So we talked about it, we decided and we went! Day one in Jambiani/Zanzibar, in photos.

(A tip for Zanzibar, bring dollars)

My bed at Jambiani White Sands bungalows, absolutely stunning!

The view aint that bad either from my room 😉

After checkin we went straight to Upendo for drinks and took loads of photos infront of “The Rock”

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