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nayiha-mr-giraff nayiha-owl

Photo: Linnea Frank

Model: Ana Kuni / Icemodels

Brand: Nayiha

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Lodge 23

The only thing I can to say is… WOW!!!!

Let’s start at the entrance

_dsc2610 _dsc2612

Now before we go in, let’s have a look around

_dsc1586 _dsc1583 _dsc2557 _dsc2578 _dsc2581_dsc2554 _dsc2582 _dsc2583

Ok that was part of the outside area, let’s have a look inside

_dsc2589_dsc2608 _dsc2607 _dsc2592linnea-frank _dsc2594 _dsc2604

Let’s go upstairs

_dsc2622 _dsc2624 _dsc2626

The barbecue area just down the stairs

_dsc1633 _dsc1636 _dsc1634

Then we have the sunsets….

_dsc3910 _dsc3911 linnea-frank-giraff

MR Giraffe <3

Thanks to Lodge 23

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